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We actively use technology to achieve our goal, but technology is not a goal in itself. For example, in the day care center, we use music to connect with people. In the past, that used to be quite a hassle with CDs and tapes, but now we fortunately have YouTube and Spotify. We also continuously try to improve the foundation. We are currently working on a pin with GPS tracker. The number of people with dementia is only increasing the coming years.

That is why we must do everything possible to ensure that these people are able to live independently for as long as possible, that they are part of society and that they are able to have a pleasant life. When I moved to Brabant in , I really wanted to start working. However, I had a hard time finding a job because of my shoulder, which I hurt during an accident. That is why I started as a volunteer.

I worked as an interpreter and guide for Arabic-speaking migrants who just arrived in the Netherlands. I gradually enhanced my personal development.

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I am currently working as an overseer for Senzer within the department that focusses on maintenance of green areas. Many of the boys in my team are asylum status holders. I coach them and motivate them to continuously develop themselves. For example, when we are maintaining private gardens, I let them talk to the owner of the garden. They are afraid to speak Dutch, but it is very instructive. In addition to learning the language, they need to widen their network to allow them to feel more at home in the neighborhood.

It enabled me to learn fast. I have a positive mindset and have a good relationship with the people in my neigborhood. What others can learn from my story? Never be afraid! Dare to speak the language. Dare to ask if you have trouble understanding something. And start working as a volunteer to gain experience before trying to get a paid job. Because you will also be able to develop yourself by taking small steps.

Terrence is working as a teacher and he notices that lifelong development is something people both within and outside school are pursuing. In addition to general educational subjects, young people are being taught more and more skills, which are needed to be able to face the changing future. Such as resilience, cooperation and flexibility. Futhermore, you see that the educational and business sector are converging, which is also a positive development. During this event, primary school pupils learn about the automotive and technology sector.

I also continue to challenge and develop myself on a personal level. Next to my job as a teacher, I also work for Brainport and I find that by combining those two jobs, I am able to perform better. I can use my knowledge as a teacher when working for Brainport and at school I benefit from the experience I gained while working within the industry. Both employers and employees benefit from lifelong development.

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I therefore suggest others the following: do not stand still, but continue to be curious about ways to keep on growing. We place functional and analytical cookies to ensure that this website functions optimally. These cookies do not use personal data. Deeqa has decided to change course and has enrolled for barber school. Tomas Beket. Simone den Uijl. Simone continues to expand her horizon She is ready to face the future, because she continues to enhance her personal development and is actively committed to improve the lives of people who suffer from dementia.

Samer Khamis. Samer is gradually developing himself. He is motivating others to do the same. My Mom attended university and did what most students there did during summer break: She went to St. Andrews to find summer employment. Andrews was and still is a very popular tourist destination and my mom worked during the summers at The Algonquin Hotel. As fate would have it, my parents met in this magical town of St. One thing turned into another and my parents were married and started their journey together.

My mom finally felt like she belonged and could plant roots. My brother was born in and my mom took great joy in being a stay-at-home mom. My dad worked as a tradesman and in his spare time built our family home.

He did much of the work himself. He was quite a creative, innovative man. He died very suddenly and tragically at 25 years old, when my brother was two-and-a-half and I was just six months old. This left my young mom to pick up the pieces and figure out how she was going to take on the much different role of raising two small children on her own.

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Andrews for another four years. However, she trusted and listened to her inner voice, which urged her to move closer to her parents. At that point, my grandfather had retired from the army and my grandparents had settled on Vancouver Island—on the West Coast of Canada—where he spent the rest of his career working as a prison guard. My mom made the very brave decision to honour her inner voice, packed us up and moved us out west, where we ended up living a few doors down from my grandparents. That is where I grew up. I had a happy childhood. I was lucky to grow up in an era where children had the freedom to be children.

We lived in a neighborhood with lots of kids of all ages.

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We built forts, rode bikes, explored and learned from each other. I loved to run as a child and my brother and I would often set up races on our street. I remember having this feeling of not quite measuring up when I was out in these wealthier circles. I know that part of her resilient spirit rubbed off on me. I have always had this voice deep within me reminding me that I can reach whatever stars I set my sights on. Life comes from within.

We’re In This Together: Julia’s Story

I found my teenage years to be a struggle. I always remember feeling like I wanted to move away and be somewhere so I could just have quiet and get to be me without all of the influence and pressures I was constantly up against. In helping my aunt and uncle run their fishing resort and working as a live-in nanny for my younger cousins, I discovered a sense of purpose and responsibility. I loved the tourist industry—it was exciting to meet many different people from all around the world!

And with each new encounter, I felt a growing urge to get out there and see new parts of the world. Even better, I embraced the industriousness of my aunt and uncle—successful entrepreneurs who also worked in logging—and discovered the rules and structure and sense of direction that I had been craving. It was during this period I met a nice young man in the small town where I was working and going to school. Over a few years, one thing led to another and we decided to get married. The marriage was short lived—a year-and-a-week short, in fact.

During this period in my life, I felt so stuck and paralyzed. I lost that feeling of being adventurous and being thirsty to explore and to learn about new things. I had turned my back on everything that made me feel excited and alive. I rarely ever heard that strong inner voice. It was a hard period of time where I felt unsure about most things.

After my divorce, I felt this sense of being able to finally have the space to find myself, though I was also afraid of what I would find. My divorce was the start of a new path but it came with some private struggle. On the outside everything appeared to be going well in my life, better than well. I was finishing my university degree and working full time and enjoying travel and fun with friends. I had met a man who was a natural fit and he brought excitement and hope to my life in a way I had not experienced before. His drive, structure and thirst for success and adventure was exactly what I needed to inspire me to push things into high gear.

With him, I wanted to be the best version of myself and to really succeed. I finished university while I was working and we had lots of fun adventures together. New doors of possibility were opening for me and I felt excited about the future and all of the things that seemed to be opening to me.

We made plans together and when it felt right, we got married. Despite all this really great stuff happening in my life, I was still struggling inside.